ENCOURAGING YOUNG NIGERIANS TO DEVELOP THEIR TALENTS - Bumi Armada sponsored the launching of book 'Building Websites with Joomla 1.5 in 60 Minutes'

Bumi Armada participated in sponsoring the launching of a 140-page book entitled 'Building Website with Joomla 1.5 in 60 Minutes' by Nigerian student, Mr Abdulkadir Shehu at the Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This book project is the outcome of Mr Shehu's Master's Programme thesis with the University of London.
Mr Shehu believes that people do not need to be a programmer to create websites; all that is needed is a basic computer and internet knowledge to develop an impressive and high quality website in record time.


Education and youth development are important for the future of Nigeria. As such, together with our joint venture partner, we developed a few projects that would bring added value to the community. One project to fast-track the creative economy of Nigeria was the sponsorship of the Avant-Garde Interface Foundation breakfast with provided a platform for young and aspiring Nigerians to showcase their creative talents.
To make education fun for children, we donated some 3,000 educational Lego sets to six schools in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Bayelsa to celebrate Children's Day 2011.

Further projects to promote education include donation of school supplies, community empowerment projects such as the provision of skill acquisition training and scholarships to various schools in Nigeria which also helps to keep the children off the streets.

Our contribution continues with the donation of former President of the Ijaw National Congress (INC) and incumbent President of the Conference of Ethnic Nationalities of the Niger Gelta (CENND), Professor Kimse Okoko's book to four universities in Nigeria.
To encourage the young and aspiring writers of Nigeria, we also collaborated with Blue and Hills, Nigeria to sponsor the inaugural literary and writing workshop in Bayelsa State.
Encouraging children to learn sometimes requires improvements in thier surroundings and in that light, a bore-hole was donated to the Odi Community Primary School in order for the 2,000 students to have better access to good drinking water.


Diseases remain a major concern in Nigeria and to help raise awareness on various diseases such as malaria, HIV and AIDS as well as breast cancer, several campaigns to educate the population in Nigeria on various ways of protecting themselves from these deadly diseases were organized.

A "high-end" ambulance was also donated to the Federal Medical Centre in Bayelsa State to help with the growing needs of the local population.

Breast and cervical cancer workshops were also conducted to help the women of the Lekki area perform self-examination and to be more aware of the ways of transmission of the diseases.
In addition to renovating the cottage clinics as well as replenishing general clinical supplies and as part of the Sebeccly Care Initiative, we also sponsored the treatment and medication of four children who are suffering from cancer.


The company sponsored the Dorcas Generation initiative as they pledge to improve the material, financial and emotional well-being of the widows and Voiceless Women of Africa.

Rice and other food supplies were donated to the communities of Rumuwoji and Ogu/Onne.
Our concurrent sponsorship of two students from the Rumudaolu and Eligbam communities on their educational projects and the traditional wrestling competition underscores our commitment to improve and develop local communities where we operate.
Other community projects include the development of the first Information Communication and Technology laboratory for Odi Community.


In support of the Amnesty Programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria, through our JV partner Century Energy Services Limited (CESL), we sponsored a photography exhibition which featured contemporary images by graduates of the Social Development Institute (SDI) in Rivers State. The training was under the tutelage of one of Nigeria’s best professional photographer, Don Barber. Five men and a lady successfully completed the training.

The event was titled "Exchange Guns for Camera” because most of these graduates were part of the ex-militants who embraced the Federal Government’s Amnesty Programme and were admitted into the rehabilitation scheme. This programme was designed as an empowerment scheme to aid their personal development.

The demands for professional photographers in Nigeria have continued to grow, especially in the media and creative industries. These emerging entrepreneurs will be equipped with the skills, creativity and confidence to earn a decent living, provide for their families and kick start a fulfilling career.


In the Oriomwon Local Government area of Edo State, we support the building of Ugbighele Primary School through a donation to the building fund in the first quarter of 2008. The school, which was completed in December, 2008 will serve about 120 students.

In the same rural community, we support the SPG (Sea Petroleum and Gas) Ltd life skill acquisition centre by contributing towards the building of the centre and equipment needed to run the centre. This centre provides women an opportunity to learn life skills such as tailoring, hair dressing and soap making.

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As part of our community engagement plan, we decided to support the physically challenged in November 2008 through donation towards the provision of wheel chairs to aid their mobility.

We also supported this community through our donation for the rehabilitation of selected schools in Ondo state.

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We sponsored the Miss Niger Delta Pageant in December 2007 because the winner plays a big role in community development/early education programmes during her one year reign.

The winner, Pamela King distributed educational materials to the 12 primary schools; benefitting about 1,800 pupils in the Okpokuma, Kaiama and Odi communities in Kolokuma/Okpokuma LGA of Bayelsa State. We constantly look for ways to bring value and development to help improve the lives of the people around us and this is part of our larger and more long term programme for early education of the Niger Delta children.

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We are also working to help improve educational standards in two coastal communities in Eastern Obolo LGA of Akwa Ibom State. Below are details of these schools.

No. Name of School No. of Students Name of Community
1. Government Primary School Emereoke 350 Emereoke Community Eastern Obolo
2. Government Secondary School Emereoke 150 Emereoke Community Eastern Obolo
3. St. Agnes Primary School Obianga 180 Emereoke Community Eastern Obolo
4. Obiko Comprehensive Secondary School Ikonta/Obianga 120 Emereoke Community Eastern Obolo

As a brief background, the First Phase of the project was executed in the first quarter of 2009 with emphasis in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and major interest in two coastal communities in Eastern Obolo LGA Akwa Ibom State-Emereoke and Obianga where our current FPSO Armada Perkasa is located. The project is aimed at enhancing and promoting high standards of education in these communities through the distribution of basic educational materials.

It may be of interest to know that the Secondary School in Emereoke is community funded where the few teachers they have are paid by the community. This makes their salary very irregular and we are assisting with incentives for the teachers.

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Aside from these community projects, creating jobs is an integral part of corporate social responsibility. We are actively engaged in identifying and training Nigerians for jobs onboard our FPSOs and vessels.

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