By Megat Zariman Abdul Rahim, SGM, Sales & Marketing

On 19 Jun 2013, Bumi Armada participated in the first-ever Petronita Charity Golf event held at the IOI Palm Garden Golf Course. The Golf Charity Event saw the participation of over 120 people. The Chairman of Petronas, Tan Sri Sidek Hassan, the CEO and President of Petronas, Tan Sri Shamsul Azhar Abbas, and the board members of Petronas as well as the Petronas Exco were among the VVIPs attending the event.

Bumi Armada was one of the Gold Sponsors for the event. The charity event raised over RM500,000 which would be channelled to help children with special needs. Bumi Armada was represented by our CFO, En Rezza Hassan and En Megat Zariman Abdul Rahim.


By Wardati Tahir, Operations Officer- OSV Kemaman

In conjunction with our Family Day on 18 May 2013, we invited representatives from Kompleks Penyayang, “Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti” (PDK/Community-Based Rehabilitation Center), Kemaman to join us for dinner. Ten 10 “Orang Kelainan Upaya” (OKU/Disable Person) trainees attended, accompanied by five of their trainers.

At the end of the event, our Head of OSV SEA, Tuan Syed Hasanuddin presented a donation of RM5,600 to their representative, Puan Haliza. This fund will be used for the refurbishment of their premises in order to accommodate more trainees.


By Grace Low - VP, Brand Communications and CSR

As part of our community service project for 2012, in November Bumi Armada committed RM30,000 to an NGO, Stop Hunger, to pack 30,000 meals for the needy. Stop Hunger provides the raw materials and we arrange the volunteers to help pack the food items and then distribute to our chosen charities around the Klang valley. Due to year end time constraints, material delivery and people on annual leave, we only managed to organize the actual packing event on 8 January 2013.

From 11 am till 2pm, over 200 people comprising mostly of KL-based staff and their wives, kids and friends. We also had the support of volunteers from other tenants in Menara Perak. It was fun and chaotic. We had a tough time trying to get some volunteers to give up their place for those in the next shift. It was wonderful how you all just took the initiative and did what had to be done – without being told to.

Thanks to everyone, ‘Operation Stop Hunger’ was a great success.

About 18 homes and organisations came to take the boxes. The rice packets will go to feed orphanages, old folks homes, single mothers, Kemaman flood victims as well as 500 homeless people in KL, 2,700 families in Selayang, PJ and Pantai Dalam, 1,000 Myanmar refugee children and 500 orang asli families. Those who came said they could always take more if we had and we had also had to turn away several other requests that came in too late.

Flood victims in Kemaman, Terengganu (a state on the northeast of Peninsular Malaysia) also benefited from this programme as foods packed were distributed to them. Among the affected victims were 16 of Bumi Armada’s Kemaman-based staff.


By Nur Azrina Hazahar, Environment Engineer, Corp HSSE

Far in the ocean, turtles are struggling for survival. This 100-year-old surviving marine creature is seriously threatened by the habitat loss and degradation, incidental capture, hunting and poaching. Plastic bags are also a threat because it appears like a jellyfish, the turtles’ favourite meal. These facts were the lessons learnt during the ‘Caring for the Marine Environment: Turtle Conservation Programme’ held on 11 November 2012, Sunday at “Pusat Penerangan & Santuari Penyu”, Cherating Pahang*. Jointly organized by Corporate HSEQ Department and Kemaman Office, the teams and their families participated in the event that started at 8.30am. The programme kicked off with the release of turtle hatchlings to the ocean, followed by a video presentation on the turtles’ conservation in Malaysia. The programme ended with a tour around the sanctuary and group photo.


By Nur Azrina Hazahar, Environment Engineer, Corp HSE

On 3 November 2012, HSEQ Department organized a Nature Walk Programme at Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong. It was a continuation from the previous tree planting programme and carbon conservation programme by Bumi Armada Berhad.

We learned about the tips and tricks of the jungle which ended with an enchanting view from the Canopy Walk. We were amazed by the biodiversity at FRIM and its value to our terrestrial ecosystem. One of the astonishing sights we found during the trail was the phenomenal Dryobalanops aromatica (family Dipterocarpaceae) or “Kapur” trees that emerge like a crown but are too shy to touch each other, thus forms the jigsaw puzzle in the sky.

A ‘Pick Up the Waste’ competition was also held, where participants were given a plastic bag each - whoever collected the most waste will be declared as the winner.


By Suriya Raj Mohan, Officer, Corporate Finance

Bumi Armada, on 20 October 2012 hosted the inaugural “Riser Cup” tournament at the Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah in Shah Alam, Selangor, with the purpose of raising funds for charity. The tournament saw participation of 64 players from Petronas, Bumi Armada and other oil services companies.

Bumi Armada made donation to the nominated charity of choice; Persatuan Kanser Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan and Hospis Malaysia, with a cheque of RM10,000 and RM5,000 respectively.


By Fakhrul Faiz Zaidi, Internal Auditor, Corp QA

On 25 September 2012, Bumi Armada participated for the second time, since its listing, in Kuala Lumpur Rat Race 2012. The annual event held jointly by The Edge and Bursa Malaysia was aimed at raising contributions for various charities, beneficiaries and other worthy causes in which Bumi Armada sent two teams and pledged an entry contribution totalling RM32,000.00.


By Wardati binti Tahir, Technical Administration Officer, Kemaman

On 14 Aug, 60 orphans from three different schools around Chukai area (Sek. Men. Chukai, Sek. Ren. Jenis Keb. Cina Chukai and Sek Ren. Binjai) were invited to a breaking fast event at the Legend Hotel, Cherating. This is an annual event organised by the Kemaman office as part of the corporate social responsibility programme during the fasting month. The contributions were from Kemaman office’s vendors as well as sea and shore staff. The event was held to bring festive cheer to the underprivileged children.


By Susanah Tan - Assistant General Manager, Brand Communications and CSR

To inspire and encourage organisations like Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), to conserve carbon stocks, Bumi Armada agreed to provide RM107,000 to protect Field 11 – 5 hectares of prime forest in FRIM for a period of 5 years. This translates into 3938.6 tonnes of CO2 equivalent being sequested by this plot of land. Prior to the signing of the collaborative agreement between Bumi Armada and the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), we invited Dr. Samsuddin bin Musa to our Lunch Talk on 3 October 2012, with the hope of providing us with a better understanding of what carbon conserving and offsets are about.

Then on the beautiful and sunny morning of 10 October 2012, we made our way to the signing of the collaborative agreement that was held at FRIM, Kepong, with the FRIM Director General, Dato’ Dr Abd Latif Mohmod, signing on behalf of the Malaysian Forestry Research and Development Board, while Bumi Armada, represented by its ED/CEO, Mr. Hassan Basma. In his speech, Mr. Basma said as a Malaysia-based International company, Bumi Armada is delighted to be able to play a role in protecting the country’s natural heritage and be the first company to support this carbon offset conservation project. The 5.6 hectare site, roughly the size of six football fields, contains 2,176 trees from an estimated 156 species of plants including chengal, meranti, keruing, and merawan. The company’s contribution will be used by FRIM for activities related to the forest conservation, rehabilitation and climate change mitigation.


At Bumi Armada, we believe in conserving our resources and preserving the environment.

Everything we do - from driving to work, operating our OSVs and FPSOs, to printing or using computers – has a carbon footprint and contribute to global warming.

As such, a tree planting activity was organized to plant new trees which will help offset our carbon footprint in a small way. On 6th December 2011, a team of 26 volunteers from our Kuala Lumpur office went to Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong Selangor where they planted a total of 100 Neobalanocarpus heemi (Local name: Cengal) trees.

Our HSEQ Vice President, Noval Paredes, led the enthusiastic volunteers in the steep climb up Bukit Hari, the planting area. We hope that with this modest effort, we have helped maintain Mother Nature’s purity and contribute to offset CO2 release from our day-to-day activities. The 100 trees can offset about 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide..



The KL Rat Race, an annual event held jointly by Bursa Malaysia and The Edge, invites businessmen to loosen their ties and business women to kick off their heels and pick up their running shoes to run for charity.

Bumi Armada registered for our first run this year on 20 September with participation in the CEO Race, Senior Category and Open Category, involving 11 senior and junior runners of different managerial levels and departments. A contribution totaled RM27, 000 was pledged for entry which goes to charity.


The ‘Rolling 10’ (R10) is a voluntary group of employees based in Kemaman, that runs company gatherings and events in that office. On 25 August 2011, the R10 organised a breaking of fast event to celebrate Ramadhan with the orphans of Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Geliga. Held at the Resident Inn in Cherating, the evening was filled with activities including a lucky draw and good food.

Attended by thirty-two children from Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Geliga, fifty Kemaman Bumi Armada employees as well as some of our suppliers and contractors, the children were presented with "duit raya” as special gifts to mark the Eid and to also show them that Bumi Armada cares.


We brought immense joy to some twenty-four children from Al-Munirah Home for Orphans and the Poor on 24 August 2011 when our Rafflesia team organised a shopping trip for them in time for the Eid celebration. A RM5,000 cheque was donated to the Al-Munirah Home, which is home to some seventy-four children aged between seven and seventeen, to be spent on the Home and the rest of the children who were unable to join the shopping trip.


By Fathilahanum Yop - Assistant Manager, Strategic HR Dept

Mangrove forests plays a vital role in our ecosystem; it builds up soil along the tropical coastlines, buffer from storms while providing a habitat that hosts crabs, otters, migratory birds and various species of fish.

In our efforts of greening the earth and mitigating our carbon footprints, Bumi Armada organized a mangrove tree planting activity at Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP) on Dec 15 2010. With the participation of 25 BAB KL staff, we managed to plant a total of 110 mangrove saplings.

Upon arrival, we were given an orientation by KSNP about the mangrove trees’ ecology. Like eager beavers, we can’t wait for the hands-on execution as we donned our tree planting "PPE” consisting of boots, gloves, hats and towels which made us felt like a horticulturalist for a day.

Walking through the swamp was adventure as we delighted over the magnificent landscape of flora and fauna. Threading through the mudflats was daunting for one who is not used to such terrain. We waddled in the soft muddy ground, falling down and picking up one another and getting stuck in the mire while sowing our young saplings.

Despite the labour, we returned with positive memories etched in our minds and photos to remind us that this is BA’s humble contribution for Mather Nature. Occasionally, we picture the chirping migratory birds enjoying their natural wetlands habitat which made us feel happy that we were part of conserving these precious mangrove forests. This is our first CSR conservation project and we hope this will inspire environmental awareness among BAB staff to grow strong like the young saplings we sown with all our hearts under the hot sun.
bumi armadabumi armada


By BAN Miri Committee Club Members

On 15 December 2010, Bumi Armada Miri Committee Club Team organized a visit to PERYATIM (Sarawak Orphans Welfare Association) in Permyjaya, Miri. The orphanage houses around 100 kids between the ages of 5 to 17, from very poor families who are unable to care for the children and some have no families. Recently the orphanage also received 2 children who survived a ferry accident early December 2010 but had lost their parents.

The event was attended by the company staff from BAN Miri and Labuan together with Asst General Manager, Captain Abdul Ghani Bin Talib. An amount of RM750 was contributed by the company staff in addition to the corporate donation of RM,5000. The cheque was presented by Captain Abdul Ghani to Ibu Hajah Julia.

The Manager of the orphanage, Ibu Hajah Julia explained how the orphanage manages the kids’ discipline and monthly expenditures such as amenities, meals, schooling, transportation, clothing, school books, stationaries etc. Ibu Hajah Julia has been taking care of the orphanage for almost 15 years which housed only a few children when it was first established. She sustained the orphanage by making daily visits around town for public contribution and also allocating donation boxes in various shops.

The financial contribution from Bumi Armada and its staff will be used to support the children’s school fees for 2011 where an estimated amount of RM20, 000 is required.

The event ended with light refreshments provided by BAN at the orphanage.
bumi armada


By Nor Adriati Mat Jusoh - Executive, Strategic HR Dept

On 14 December 2010, a group of 27 BAB employees paid a visit to Sri Tanjung Old Folks Home, in Kuang, Selangor as part of our continuous efforts in community services to help and spread some joy with the less fortunate in our society.

Founded by Hajjah Azizah Ismail 19 years ago, the home has 29 elderly residents from 65 to 100 years old. There are separate quarters for female and male residents. The home’s daily expenses and operating costs depend on monthly fees and public donations. BAB donated new nursing beds, incontinence products, walkers and foodstuff.

Walking down memory lane with these golden agers was a stroll filled with laughter, tears and adventures as they told stories of their glorious past. We stayed for lunch with the elderly residents which lighted their face with smiles as more convivial conversation is passed across the table. We left the home with a heavy heart as we see tears rolling down their cheeks when they bid goodbye to us. This is a priceless experience for us knowing that such a small act of kindness is felt so deeply by the lonely residents. On the way back, we couldn’t help but ponder on our own future as we age.
bumi armada


By Komathi Arumugam, Rosmaziana Ismail and Anngy Tham of behalf of Rafflesia team

On 9 December 2010, along with 8 colleagues from the KL office, we hopped into a coach with anticipation to meet the children of Shri Lalithabigai Ashraman. Komathi Arumugam from Chartering learnt about the orphanage and raised the plight of the children to the Rafflesia team. The orphanage’s need for support touched the hearts of our colleagues in KL. We donated some clothes, school uniforms, shoes, bags and a sum of RM1500 Tesco cash voucher.

In a basic double storey property nestled in the sleepy Puchong neighbourhood, the orphanage is run by a Hindu priest who looks after 23 homeless children from the age of 3 to 16.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a group of children who had smiles from cheek to cheek. Their positivity and friendly manner warms everyone up quickly, and within a few minutes, we were all chattering with the children and distributing school uniforms and bags to prep them up for the new semester in 2011. The visit ends with a hearty vegetarian lunch provided for the home.

A little care goes a long way and the Rafflesia team would like to thank Bumi Armada for giving back to the society.
bumi armada


By Rafflesia Team, KL

As many of us were planning a big 2010 Hari Raya celebration with lots of home-cooked food, new clothes and fun with family and friends, there are many who will not be so fortunate.

Reps from our Rafflesia group - Maz, Kesuma, Komathi and Amee - lead the search for a home for us to help during this celebration. Together they found 3 homes and with the help of the KL Townhall Organising Committee, they selected Rumah Nur Kasih Bestari (House of Bright Light of Love), a privately-run orphanage in Segambut.

The home was founded in Dec 2009 by Puan Nurul, a graduate from Yarmouk University, Jordan and 3 other colleagues. Currently, Rumah Nur Kasih Bestari is home to about 30 children between the ages of 4 to 21 years. These children are a combination of orphans, from hard core poor families and a handful with special needs who need some help. One of them is a child aged 4 who is suffering from Ventricular Septal Defect, i.e. hole in the heart and three special children who are disabled and paralysed.

During the Q3 Townhall, a fund raising campaign was held by Rafflesia team which saw a total of RM5,201 and SGD18.00 being raised from contributions by Bumi Armada’s employees. The company topped it with RM 5,000, making it a grand total of RM10,243.63 to be donated to Rumah Nur Kasih Bestari.

In the spirit of Ramadhan, Bumi Armada also made a sincere contribution of RM5,000 to the Masjid Asy-Syakirin KLCC.


By Rosmaziana Ismail, Komathi Arumugam and Shahidah Musa (members of Rafflesia, KL)

As the year end and everyone prepared to spend time with their family and loved ones, we thought of those children who were not so fortunate to have had a caring family. As part of bringing some joy and positive spirit to these children, Rafflesia team members decided to put our hands together to support a shelter for the last community service initiative in 2009. Rafflesia selected Rumah Keluarga Kami (RKK) in Kajang for this purpose. RKK is a residential home for under-priviledged, abused and abandoned children and was established in 1990 by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Conference of the Holy Family, Kajang. Since its inception, around 140 children have benefited from this shelter and currently around 37 children are resident there.

A visit to the home was organized on 16 Dec 2009 where 51 employees from Bumi Armada spent a couple of hours playing with these children. The children had great fun playing the games organized, i.e. musical chairs, gorilla ball and statue dance. After the games, the children were presented with a school bag each, filled with school shoes and socks, water bottle, exercise books and stationery, sponsored by Bumi Armada. The Rafflesia team made extra effort to find out each child's favourite cartoon character and bought school bags to match what they wanted. The smiles of joy on the faces warmed our hearts.

A cheque/cash amounting to RM12,645.00 raised from employees' contributions were handed to the home. Bumi Armada had initially set aside RM15,000 for this activity; of which only RM10,225.35 were utilized – including purchases of a water heater with built-in pump, 3 units of wall fans, 4 units of electrical irons, a digital camera and also a VCD player to be donated to the home.

The balance RM4,774.65 will then be contributed to Rumah Nur Salam (a home for neglected street children) and Hospis Malaysia (a charitable organization that offers professional palliative care).

bumi armadabumi armada


By Capt Gordip - HSSE Manager, Miri

Once again, with a lot of enthusiasm on 11 December 2009, 24 staff and family members from BAN Miri led by Base Manager, Mr Yew Hock Siong made a visit to SK Rancangan Sepupok, Niah, some 78 kilometers away from Miri. The school has an enrolment of 187 students and dormitory facilities for 80 students.

Focus was given to the library and resource centre and the school submitted a list of items required With an allocated budget of RM 5,000 from Bumi Armada Berhad complemented by a sum of RM 1,880 donated by Bumi Armada staff. The following items were procured, and set up at the school.
  • Big books ( English story Book)
  • Educational Charts
  • 3 units of desktop computer.
  • 2 white boards (4' x 6')
  • 1 book shelf with glass doors.
  • 1 Printer and Network switch – donated by our vendor Activsolution
Although it was the school holidays, the SK Rancangan Sepupok delegation were present to meet Bumi Armada staff and was led by its headmaster, Mr. Michael Dian; CSR coordinator Puan Anne; teachers, students and members of the Parents-Teachers Association. There was great teamwork in setting up the computers, white boards, network switches and the bookshelves.

bumi armadabumi armada


By Huzaini Ramli, Risk Management Dept

During the month of Ramadhan in 2009, Masjid Asy-Syakirin KLCC organized a programme called Ihya' Ramadhan which consists of some activities such as:
  • Jamuan Berbuka (breaking fast)
  • Jamuan Sahur (morning feast before the start of fasting for the day) and Nuzul Quran
In support of their programme, Bumi Armada sponsored an amount of RM5,000.


By Komathi Arumugam and Ameenah Amin (members of Rafflesia, KL)

Visiting the Agathians Shelter located in Petaling Jaya on 18 April, was the first community service activity organized by the Rafflesia team in 2009. The activity was part of Bumi Armada's initiative to develop a caring community among its employees, and also a way of contributing back to the society.

Agathians Shelter is listed with the Welfare Department as a voluntary, non-profit making, multi-religious based, and non-governmental welfare organization. It is open to all children and teenagers who are abandoned, neglected, orphaned or abused. At present, the home has 32 boys aged from 3 to 17.

Despite the hot weather that day, the boys had fun playing various games that we had organized especially for them and enjoyed the simple catered food that we arranged. The 3-hour event was made all the merrier with the presence and participations from the management team, i.e. Mr. Madhusudanan, Mr. Paul Gilleran, En. Ahmad Shahrin, Ms. Grace, Mr. Sameer, as well as the Rafflesia team members and their families.

An amount of RM8,654 which was raised from the employees' contributions, including a personal contribution of RM5,000 from our CEO, Mr Hassan Basma was handed to Mr Sivabalan of the Agathians Shelter. Bumi Armada also contributed RM5,273.45, which was used to purchase the children stationeries educational/reference books, food vouchers, and some electrical items for the home.

bumi armadabumi armada
bumi armada


By Norhaslina Hashim - Resourcing Executive, Strategic HR

Some may have heard of the name HOSPIS Malaysia but most of us are not clear on its role and what they do. As such, Rafflesia, the company's KL-based staff organization invited Dr Ednin Hamzah, CEO and Medical Director of HOSPIS Malaysia, to give us an overview at our office in Menara Perak on 19 Dec 2008.

HOSPIS Malaysia is a charitable organization, established since 1991 to give palliative care to patients within Klang Valley. Among a host of activities, they also organize outings for patients at their premise in Taman Sri Bahtera in Cheras which serve as a respite for the patients' caregivers. Dr Ednin's presentation touched the hearts of those who attended the talk and many were seen teary-eyed during his talk.

The talk ended with a QandA session where staff asked how they could contribute to support HOSPIS Malaysia. Dr Ednin said people could volunteer their time or help raise funds.

Our CEO, Mr Hassan Basma presented Dr Ednin with a cheque of RM10,000 from Bumi Armada and a contribution of RM2,506 from the staff.
bumi armadabumi armada


By Arne Irdayu Azman – HR and Admin Executive, Kemaman
Our Kemaman office organized a community service activity on 22 Nov 2008 to strengthen our community bonds to show that WE CARE.

They selected a home for senior citizens with chronic illnesses, Rumah Ehsan, which is located in Durian Mas Hulu Dungun. The home has 4 wards (2 male and 2 female), and it provides food, medication and other needs for 109 occupants between the age group from 50 to 104 years old.

Bumi Armada brightened the charity event with a generous contribution of RM5,000. Additionally, the figures escalated further from the Kemaman staff with an amount of RM672, our regular suppliers contributing RM3,200 and crew from the Kemaman vessels with RM1,324, making the total contribution RM10,196.

These were spent on medical supply and personal items for the old folks (RM5,567), 5 light weight wheelchairs (RM2,150), 10 units quad wide base (RM980), 10 walking frames (RM490), one set of blood pressure test set Omron auto BPM (RM384), 1 set of Stethoscope (RM283), and a weighing scale (RM342).
bumi armadabumi armada


By Nooraini Shaarani and Rosmaziana Ismail (members of Rafflesia, KL)

Rafflesia is an informal group of Bumi Armada employees who work together on projects that benefit both the company and the community as well as themselves. The first community service activity for Rafflesia was a visit to Rumah Nur Salam - a community center for under-privileged street kids in the Jalan Chow Kit area in Kuala Lumpur - on Sunday, 6 July 2008. Bumi Armada staff were greeted by the centre's Executive Director, YM Raja Aziz, 12 staff and 46 children. After a short speech by both parties, cash donation and items such as stationery and clothing were handed over to YM Raja Aziz for the children.

The Rafflesia members organized simple games and the children had a fun time! The children were treated to finger-licking meal of KFC before we bade the children farewell. Kids were presented with a gift each to remember us by. We left at 8.00 pm with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment.

Arrangement for the visit was made within 2 weeks, and we had successfully collected cash donations from Bumi Armada staff in KL office amounting to RM5,234.00, which the company matched Ringgit for Ringgit.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the staff and their family members who had sacrificed their Sunday evening to spend the time with these unfortunate little ones. We also like to thank the Management and staff for all your monetary and moral support.
bumi armadabumi armada


By Jenny Mengar, Maintenance Officer, Miri

The employees based in the Miri office chose to help a local school, SK Rancangan Sepupok, Niah with a visit on 16 August 2008. Little did we know, big ‘surprises' were waiting for us there. Our initial intention was to bring some changes, perhaps to use the charity fund to buy whatever things they want. We were shocked to actually be there and see the place for ourselves. The school had no water supply (they depended on rainy days), the kids bathed in a pond! Toilets, the washroom, dorms, and classrooms were all in bad condition and we believed our charity fund would merely be adequate to cover their basic needs!

Later that day, we went back to Miri with one mission, to start with small steps to make big changes. We did not wait for long. We started by displaying all photos of the school at the office reception area together with two donation boxes. The photos had a great impact on everybody, and the donations kept coming in.

Two weeks later, on Saturday 30 August, we went there again as planned to join them for Merdeka Day gotong- royong. Our staff, the school staff, students and their parents all joined in the gotong-royong together. That's the beginning of the wonderful things we can do for one another.
bumi armadabumi armada
We went there again on Saturday 6 September on a follow up visit and to complete some unfinished jobs. We spotted changes here and there. The painting job really did a remarkable change, the place was transformed tremendously.
bumi armada