by Shamurad Karayev, Procurement Executive, AMCCPL

Our Turkmenistan office, AMCCPL decided to welcome 2013 by cheering up children diagnosed with cancer and leukaemia from the Children’s Service Department of Endocrinology of S.A. Niyazov Hospital. As such, a visit by Santa Claus and Snow Maiden was organised to cheer up the children. Activities like poem recital, singing contest and riddle solving left everyone with a sense of happiness and joy, especially in the minds of the children as they ushered 2013.


By Lilya Kadamova, Accountant, Ashgabat

Little Hesel has been fighting leukemia since she was four. AMCCPL helped to raise funds for her operation when we received her call for help. We even found an international charity association which was ready to assist with her operation.

Unfortunately, three weeks after our visit to see little Hesel, she passed on. In memory of Hesel we decided to make a charitable Christmas event to help at least one child and give hope for life. All money collected for Hesel by our AMCCPL employees and their friends were handed to little Katy who is only 18 months and we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Hesel’s mother also gave all the money she received through other channels to another child who needs an emergency surgery, in memory of little Hesel.


On a warm and sunny April day, the Bumi Armada Turkmenistan team ventured into the magnificent and beautiful Chuli mountains, part of the Kopetdag mountain range, armed only with garbage bags, working gloves and high spirits.

The mission was to collect as much rubbish from the pristine nature as possible, leftovers from not-so-environmentally-friendly picnickers. The area is vast, with fields, sheer mountain sides, valleys and creeks, and the spring vegetation made the effort more challenging. But the enthusiasm of our team never faltered, and it soon became a competition as to who could collect the most. Rummaging through the country side, even down under the river, no spot was left unchecked.

At the end of the day, more than 8 m3 of garbage was collected, comprising mainly of plastic and glass bottles, wrapping paper from candy and chips as well as plastic bags, including some unique items such as shoes, bicycle tire and a metallic chair!

We could not find a winner among ourselves as the garbage bags changed hands along the way. I guess the only winner was mother nature, deserving a break on that day.


It is not for the first time our Turkmenistan team have visited the Old Folks House of Ashgabat city. On 4 Apr we gathered together just like what we did before, we collected money among the Bumi Armada staff to buy them food, and this time we provide them with additional toiletries, cotton towels and pajamas, which made them extremely happy. We had a good time there listening to their stories.

Our company also sponsored the installation of new windows of the building of the Old Folks House as the building was very old and needed a major renovation. This made them very grateful because last winter was terribly cold in Ashgabat. This however, was secondary as what was more important was the old folks missed our attention; many of them feel lonely there as they do not have relatives and visitors. It is especially sad for those with children whom do not visit them either. I urge you to spend some time with the old people in the nearest old folks home and I am sure such kind act will melt their hearts. They patiently wait for people to show care and kindness towards them and when they see you, the smiles on their faces will make you feel wanted and needed. We promise to come back and we welcome donation from whoever that wish to help.


On the suggestion of a colleague who had heard of the needs of the Old Folks Home of Ashgabat from her son, we decided to pay the residents of the Home a visit. Employees of Bumi Armada pooled together some money to purchase food and other supplies to contribute to the Home. As we interacted and got to know the residents, it dawned on us just how lonely the residents are and though our visit has not changed their lives but we hope it brought them some joy.

"My son had come home from a school trip to an old folks home repeating a phrase he had heard from the residents, "Thank you for not forgetting us.”

Lilya Kadamova
Bumi Armada, Turkmenistan


To celebrate International Children’s Day 2011, Bumi Armada employees in Turkmenistan organised a visit to the Nursing Home Number 43 for Mentally Challenged Children. Together with the students of Ashgabat School Number 53 who volunteered to join us in the visit, we entertained the residents with a selection of puppet theatre pieces, dancing clowns and piano-playing. Snacks and food were shared and games that could help to improve the children’s mobility were played too.

Whilst it was a day filled with joyful smiles and laughter from the children, it reminded the rest of us just how fortunate we are and how far a little effort from us goes to the residents of the Home.

We would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the true unsung heroes of this visit who work tirelessly on a daily basis to care for the residents to make them better and happier; the women of the Nursing Home.


As one of our community focuses is on the nurture and development of youths and children, Bumi Armada seized the opportunity on the International Day of Knowledge on 1 September 2011 to donate some school material to the 188 children of the Boarding School of Turkmenbashi, some of whom are orphans, some with single parent whilst others are boarding at the school because of their condition of oligophrenia dementia. From schoolbooks to writing material and stationery, teachers and students alike were overwhelmed with excitement when we arrived to present them with the supplies.


Bumi Armada believes that it is important to contribute, develop and invest in communities where we operate and education is one of the areas we can often assist with. On 14 June 2011, the importance of education was emphasised in an official book donation ceremony of 194 maritime educational books by Bumi Armada to the Turkmenbashi Maritime Lyceum Number One at the Charlak Hotel in Turkmenbashi. Attended by representatives of the Maritime Authority, teachers and students of the Lyceum Number One and other guests from other companies, the event included an introduction to Bumi Armada in the form of a video presentation of the construction of the Armada Installer and Bumi Armada’s project in the Caspian Sea.

The marine books which would benefit the Turkmen Cadets marked the start of a close partnership with the Turkmenbashi Maritime Lyceum Number One and the State Service of Marine and River Transportation of Turkmenistan.


Our USD1,500 sponsorship of the Saz Orchestra has helped the orchestra to make a total of six performances in theatres and concert halls in Ashgabat. The Orchestra, led by conductor Muhammed Mommadov, made a glorious effort in their Christmas performance on the 17 December 2010 at the "Vatan” Cinema Concert Centre. Performing Symphony Number 45 by J. Haydn, diplomats, corporate audience as well as the local community were treated to a grand combination of great sound system and candlelight works. We look forward to more entertaining performances by the Orchestra in the future.

Our derrick pipe lay barge, Armada Installer arrived in Turkmenistan middle of 2010 to lay pipes in the Caspian Sea. An office was established in Ashgabat and a shore base in Turkmenbashy. 

Providing training and creating jobs is integral to our internationalization. Aside from our sole representative, our entire Ashgabat and Turkmenbashy office staff are Turkmen. Our barge is currently manned by nearly 20 local crew.

We are now in discussion with local entities for development of training in the maritime and oil and gas sector. As a start, the company made a contribution of educational material for Liceum No 1 of Turkmenbashy city, TMRL for students in the maritime course. 

The company has also provided a two year sponsorship to local orchestra, Saz Orchestra, in an effort to support the arts and conservation of local music heritage.

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