Policy on the wearing of PPE

In line with Bumi Armada Berhad’s Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy, all personnel working at our onshore, offshore or marine worksites shall comply with the following requirements regarding the use of PPE:

  • Safety shoes/boots, glasses and helmets shall be worn at all times at the worksites unless working or resting in approved safe locations such as the accommodation areas;
  • Safety glasses, eye shields or goggles shall be worn when working at our worksites, and any other area specifically signposted;
  • Gloves are to be worn to protect hands against chemical, physical and biological hazards;
  • Gloves or finger rings shall not be worn during the operation of high speed rotating machinery, such as lathes and pillar drills;
  • Long sleeve coveralls appropriate to the hazards present shall be worn;
  • Single or double hearing protection shall be worn as required for the hazard and as signposted at the worksite;
  • Additional PPE such as dust masks, chemical protection suits or specialist breathing apparatus shall be worn as required for the hazards present;
  • Work permits and work instructions issued shall clearly identify all hazards and the required PPE to be worn;
  • PPE shall be subject to regular inspection and replaced as needed where they fail to provide adequate protection.

PPE shall be approved for use by line management, who shall be responsible for implementing compliance with this PPE Policy and facility or site specific requirements.