We provide FPSO units, which are vessels (either a converted oil tanker or newbuild) that are used for receiving hydrocarbons sourced from oil fields. The hydrocarbons received are processed into crude oil and stored on-board the vessel, to be later offloaded into an oil tanker or a pipeline. Gas that is extracted and processed on board the FPSO can be used for power generation, re-injected or exported to shore. The FPSO is a technical and cost-effective solution for application in locations which are remote or do not have the required processing and production infrastructure. It eliminates the need to install large fixed oil production platforms or to lay expensive long-distance seabed pipelines from oil fields to a receiving terminal. In a more benign ocean environment, the FPSO will be spread moored. In areas where natural hazards such as typhoons, cyclones or icebergs are prevalent, an FPSO may have a fixed internal turret or fixed external turret or with an unique technology in place which will release the mooring and riser system and move away to safety during an emergency.

We are the first company to own and operate an FPSO in Malaysia with the launch of the Armada Perkasa in 1997. We have successfully redeployed the Armada Perkasa to 3 different fields on 2 different continents, and we believe we are the only FPSO operator to have redeployed the same FPSO 3 times.

The FPSO Operations business (formerly known as Asset Management and Operations) specialises in building, leasing and operating FPSO vessels to meet growing demand from global offshore oil and gas players to process hydrocarbons from reservoirs located in increasingly remote, deeper and harsher waters.

Every one of Bumi Armada’s FPSOs is designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of individual clients and oilfields. FPSO Operations oversees asset maintenance, production operations and offshore management using Bumi Armada’s proprietary Compliance Assurance Management Systems (“CAMS”). Our CAMS assures the overall integrity of our offshore production facilities’ infrastructure, processing equipment and field operational aspects. Our practice of promoting our fully integrated systems and the right culture has strengthened our capability to achieve greater safety, longer lifetimes, improved availability, and higher profitability and returns from our floating production assets.

Essential FPSO Operations focus areas:
  • Operating Safely
    Promote healthy workflows and mitigate significant workplace health risk
  • Environmental Stewardship
    Continually improving environmental performance and reducing impacts from operations.
  • Asset Integrity Management System ("AIMS")
    Operating and maintaining facilities to ensure asset integrity and prevent incidents. Implementations of AIMS to ensure the assets are performing its required function effectively whilst safeguarding life and environment.
  • Operation Efficiency
    Maximizing efficiency of operations and conserving natural resources.